Katie Brindle

Physician of Chinese Medicine

Total Health Tips: 9
Katie Brindle is founder of the ground-breaking Hayo’u Method and is a fully qualified Physician of Chinese Medicine. She has been working in Chinese medicine since 2002, first practising Tui Na Massage and reflexology and then as a Five Elements Chinese medical practitioner after graduating from the UK’s Integrated College of Chinese Medicine in 2008. She is fully qualified in Acupuncture, Reflexology, Anatomy Physiology & Massage and Qigong. Katie created Hayo’u because she wanted to highlight the empowerment of the patient – i.e. self-care – that is such a central philosophy of Chinese medicine. Katie specialises in Asian self-treatment therapies based on the Chinese philosophy of Yang Sheng (which means nurture life). Her focus is on general health, stress and anti-ageing, for which she has already won a prestigious national award. A strong advocate of Western and Chinese Medicine working together for optimum health, she has been featured widely in the UK press, including Vogue, Grazia, You Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Prima and The Daily Mail. She has conducted hugely successful pop-up clinics for high profile companies including: Knight Frank Real Estate, the Soho House group, the DVLA and the South Kensington Club.

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