Melissa Carter

Reiki Practitioner

Total Health Tips: 10
Melissa became a Reiki receiver, as a way to bring balance to her own life, and decided to offer peace, calm and relaxation, to other people's lives, by becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner. Whether through a Reiki, writing or mentoring, Melissa's goal is to help people improve their lives; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She is the owner of The Wholistic Package. Melissa offers products and services, focused on wellness and women empowerment. Services include Reiki (pronounced ray-key,) an inspirational podcast, to feature and empower women, and products, including empowering books, and a line of inspirational apparel. Melissa has been featured in several blogs, articles and books, for her expertise in these areas. Melissa also speaks and educates, about Reiki, at wellness seminars and events. Melissa has a BA in Communication with a minor in Psychology.

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