Naomi Wright

Meditation Teacher & Life Consultant

Total Health Tips: 11
Naomi Wright is an international meditation teacher and life consultant. After experiencing burnout from stress in her twenties whilst working in a demanding corporate career as a Management Consultant for a top global firm, Naomi turned to Meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga to self-heal. Having witnessed the power of own transformation, she went onto to train extensively in the UK, USA and India with world Master Teachers in the fields of meditation, consciousness and mind-body health, receiving the highest blessing from the spiritual head of India, the Shankaracharya, to teach Vedic meditation globally. Combining her background in consulting and psychology, with her deep knowledge of ancient eastern philosophy, Naomi consults both individuals and organisations on how to fulfill our greatest potential in mind, body and soul. Passionate about making the profound wisdom and simple tools of the Vedic sciences accessible to others wanting to thrive in modern day life, she hosts meditation courses, workshops and retreats with her practice B.Elemental in London and internationally.

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