Nathalie Kealy

Mental Wellbeing Coach & Yoga Instructor

Total Health Tips: 6
Nathalie is a qualified yoga teacher, registered mental health practitioner (Bsc) within the NHS and founder of Value Your Mind, a stress-free living company. She started pursuing her interest in Mental wellbeing 8 years ago working in inpatient services, supporting and treating individuals who were a risk to themselves or others due to their mental state. She then completed further training in systemic therapy, supporting couples in resolving conflict, assisting parents in managing negative behaviours displayed by their children and working with individuals around managing emotions they are finding debilitating, for example anxiety, anger or stress. During this time she explored holistic interventions as a way of supporting mental wellbeing in areas such as anxiety and stress. Using it within her work and as an aid for her own wellbeing she found herself to feel more energised, motivated and most importantly, happier. She has since trained a Yoga Teacher, is continuously expanding her knowledge in Nutritional therapy and Ayurveda and has started her own holistic health company, Value Your Mind. Nathalie’s articles have been featured by several wellbeing companies and she has writes a regular wellness column for the online food company Yumbles. She teaches yoga classes in South London, provides yoga retreats in the South of France and hosts yoga lunch clubs in the UK. Alongside this she continues to work in the NHS, providing mental health assessments for patients presenting in A&E. Nathalie believes the most important thing is to be a good listener, be non-judgmental and offer solutions that feel achievable.

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