Palma Michel

Mindfulness Teacher and Coach

Total Health Tips: 6
Palma was once a lawyer and board-level headhunter before she embarked on a career as mindful executive coach and co-founded Profuse29. Profuse29 introduces mindfulness and mindful leadership to organisations and individuals. Palma is the author of The Authority Guide To Mindful Leadership (release date April 2017). Her clients include CEOs, creatives, philanthropists, global multinationals and start-ups. A sought-after public speaker, she regularly speaks about the link between mindfulness and creativity, mindful working, mindful leadership and mindful living and has recently been hosted by the London School of Economics, The Fiorucci Art Trust, Second Home, The Hoxton Hotels, The Soho House Group and Jamie Oliver ́s Big Feastival. Palma offers meditation as a way to hack your neurobiology and increase self-awareness, which is the first step to self-mastery. She teaches with passion, sensitivity and insight, empowering her clients to live with more presence, inner peace, gratitude and love for life.

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