Regan Wilson

Yoga Instructor & Holistic Therapist

Total Health Tips: 4
Regan, a certified Yoga Instructor & Holistic Coach grew up in Aspen, Colorado where she was skiing, hiking, running, and enjoying the outdoors. She started practising yoga in high school when there was only a Bikram yoga studio in town! It was during college that she got her Yoga certification starting teaching college students. Regan later moved to New York and taught a series of sunset rooftop yoga class. It taught a detox/retox class where everyone could also enjoy a glass of wine on the rooftop afterwards! Later while living back in Aspen she graduated from Institute of integrative nutrition. Regan has always enjoy learning new things about health and nutrition and her favorite subject and speciality was the connection between the gut and the brain. Regan is particularly interested in how proper nutrition in the gut can help with emotional issues, including depression. She now live in San francisco.

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