Tiffany Flaten

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Total Health Tips: 8
Tiffany Flaten came into her nutrition career after she had hit her rock bottom. She had been teaching Anatomy & Physiology and Biology for many years when she received a cancer diagnosis that changed her path in health and her career. That diagnosis led her to her own discovery of how nutrition could positively impact her health despite what she had been told. Tiffany's B.S. in Biology and a Master's in Education set her up to complete a Master's degree in Nutrition & Human Performance. She went further and completed 1000 hours of nutrition training with a Naturopathic Physician and sat for the board exam for nutrition specialists and holds a CNS certification. Tiffany started her business, Rock Bottom Wellness, and specializes in functional nutrition which looks at the root causes of her patients' underlying health conditions. She combines her knowledge of science and nutrition with her ability to educate when working with her patients.

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