How to create the perfect sleep routine

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Optimum health tells us that we should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night however how much do you really get? And it's been proven that we can all need different amounts. Missing even a few hours of your optimum sleep can have a visible impact on your skin giving you dark circles and a dull complexion, make lines appear more visible, slow cell turnover and give you a cranky mood.

What You'll Need

  • Rescue Remedy Night
  • Asphalia sleep capsules
  • Noctura homeopathic tablets

What You'll Do

  • Create a bedtime routine - I like to meditate or practice a bit of Yin Yoga before bedtime so that I can start switching off my mind.
  • We all know the blue light emitted from our mobile phones can mess with the signals in the brain telling us when it’s time to sleep so I try to keep my phone out of the bedroom and read a book in the evening instead.
  • Use aromatherapy oils - certain scents can create a calming feeling in the body. That’s why I love massaging bit of lavender on my pulse points and sprinkling it on my pillow as I drift off.
  • Wear an eye mask - this is something I’ve been doing for years and it’s become a habit now. It supports the delicate skin around your eyes and the darkness it creates allows your body to switch off for the night naturally.
  • Often nicknamed the 'sleep tea', chamomile contains no caffeine so it won't keep you up before bed but I also find the ritual of boiling the kettle and making a cup is enough to lull me into a sleepy state. Plus chamomile has anti-anxiety effects so will relax your mind before you drift off for the night.
  • Sometimes, even if you've created the perfect atmosphere for sleep, you can need a little extra something to help you drift off. I love sleep supplements and the flower essences of Rescue Remedy Night - a few drops of this on my tongue helps to calm my mind and allow me to fully relax. Another favourite is Asphalia sleep capsules - made from super powerful anti-oxidants they send you to sleep like a baby! I also like Noctura homeopathic tablets that are great for insomnia - unlike the Asphalia they're non drowsy but it can take a bit of time to see results.
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