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Sometimes you can eat everything you’re supposed to, but still not have the skin you want, with outbreaks and spots that heal slowly. The problem is that skin is a very complex organ that relies enormously on the inner functioning of the body. If things aren't working properly, then problems such as stubborn acne or spot prone skin can develop. With issues like these we need to look a bit deeper, targeting specific systems that work in synergy with the skin rather. If you’ve tried everything and are still struggling, here are new four tricks:

What You'll Need

  • Silica: Cucumbers are a fantastic source, as are leeks, green beans, celery, rhubarb and oats.

What You'll Do

  • Top Up Your Silica - We know vitamin C and zinc are good for skin, but it doesn’t end there. Enter silica - a mineral that is totally essential for that next-level dewy glow. Needed to synthesize new collagen, which helps keep our skin strong and elastic, silica helps reduce the tendency for fine lines to develop.
  • Take Probiotics - There are trillions of bacteria living inside the body and though we wouldn't naturally link them to skin, in fact imbalances in the bacteria in the gut can contribute to skin issues in many ways. This is largely owing to their involvement with detoxification, immunity, hormone balance, nutrient absorption, inflammation and anti-bacterial activity. Because our bacteria are incredibly sensitive to the environment, antibiotics, the pill, too much sugar, alcohol and a whole host of other things can disrupt it quite easily. Eat foods rich in probiotics such as natural sugar free yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, pickled veg, miso and tempeh. Also consider supplementing with a good quality probiotic as these top levels up more effectively.
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