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Low energy is one of the most common issues in the UK, and the problem is that there are so many reasons why we can be feeling lethargic or exhausted. Stress, low blood sugar, poor sleep, nutrient deficiencies and depression are common causes, but where do you start if you feel a few of these may be causing you issues? The key is to take things step by step and I recommend starting with just one change per week at the beginning.

What You'll Need

  • Eggs - ideally free range

What You'll Do

  • Perhaps the most powerful is to ensure you’re having a proper breakfast. In my book, you can’t beat eggs, and this is why:
  • Protein Rich - I have always preferred a savoury breakfast and also find I need a good hit of protein to keep me energised and stop me getting too hungry whilst I am busy seeing clients. For this reason I tend to have x2 scrambled eggs (or maybe x3 if I have exercised that morning) with either 1 small slice pumpernickel or x2 oat cakes (+thin spread of butter) and some veggies in the form of 1/4 avocado or handful fresh spinach.
  • Slow Release Energy - Though oats are slow release energy, I rarely find they fill me up and often find my clients say the same. Meanwhile, a good egg based breakfast can keep you going into the afternoon. This is likely to partly be due to the combination of protein and fats with the whole grains from the pumpernickel that create a steady release of energy. Though you may be hungry at lunch, you shouldn’t be about to collapse like you can be with oats or fruit, and you also feel less prone to pining after sweeter things in the day.
  • Energizing B vitamins I also love eggs because they contain B vitamins for energy, metabolism and hormone balance, as well as choline, a lesser known nutrient that is essential for making acetylcholine, the concentration chemical that keeps my brain going. Always aim to have some kind of veggie with it - avocado is quick and delicious, but spinach is also great and packed with magnesium and folic acid as well as vitamin C.

Tips & Warnings

  • My clients often tell me they don’t have time for eggs in the morning, but scrambling them takes under 3 minutes and once you get used to having a bigger breakfast and lunch, you generally also find that the need for a massive dinner reduces, which is important for maintaining a healthy weight.
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