Beating the Afternoon Sweet Tooth

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Often in the mid-afternoon, are insulin levels have just come down from a post lunch spike and we start to feel tired/lazy/in need of a pick-me-up. Our culture has trained us to think the quickest fix is some sugar or caffeine, when in reality this is the last thing we need. In order to beat the sugar craving and keep your energy levels up, I have a few tips and best practices! Of course this can work for any time of day - I'm just using the mid-afternoon as the example of a common time for a sugar craving.

What You'll Need

  • Just a few simple groceries!

What You'll Do

  • Tip 1: Get up and moving. Do you know the feeling after you finish a good workout and you don't want to put something unhealthy in your body right away? Good habits lead to good decisions. A mini version of this is getting up from your desk and taking a 5 minute walk around the block. After you get back to your desk, your blood will be flowing, your energy level back up, and the craving will most likely be gone!
  • Tip 2: Have healthy alternatives on hand at all times. This might be some berries in your fridge, some yogurt with honey, or even some peanut butter on celery. Whatever it is, make sure the portion is kept to snack size to keep your insulin levels in check.
  • Tip 3: Make some fancy water! This sounds kind of silly but if you have a chilled and refreshing pitcher/bottle of water in the fridge that's infused with citrus fruits and some berries, you might just go reaching for it. My favorite is sparkling seltzer with lime and raspberries. Drink it with a small handful of nuts and the sugar craving goes out the window.
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needed this! thanks :)

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