5 Ways To Activate Your Light-Body & Be More Aligned with Your Power and Purpose!

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When wanting to grow more spiritually, being aware of your personal vibration and what practices you are doing to enhance the consciousness energies within you is key! As we are spiritual beings with an energetic or "light" body, the more we immerse in high-vibrational foods, spend time with other high-vibrational people and at high-vibrational places and choose to grow or activate our light-body, the more alive our chakras (which hold ancient sacred wisdom, spiritual keys and codes etc), the brighter our internal light, the more connected we are with the oneness of all that is which in turn provides a deep sense of peace, fulfillment and alignment with our personal power and understanding of our purpose for being here! Here are 5 things you can do to grow and activate your light-body today!

What You'll Need

  • Willingness to grow and evolve

What You'll Do

  • Morning Meditation. Ideally you already have or will create an altar space - a high-vibe nook you can sit at anytime you need to re-center, get clear, calm down and more. I begin each day at my altar where I have a meditation cushion, shamanic drums and rattles, palo santo and sages, sacred spiritual items from ceremonies or trips, various tarot/oracle card decks and a white candle. Place any items on your altar that bring your soul joy, peace and power when you look or utilize them (high-vibrational tools. The first thing I do is sit i silent meditation, allowing Universe and my inner Divine truth to communicate to me. From there I allow myself to be guided in determining if I want to proceed with other tools or practices like a shamanic journey, tarot card reading etc. Starting your day at a high-vibrational place, connecting to your inner power and light is a top way to be in your grandest + most grounded form throughout the day!)
  • Forgiveness. Place a pen and journal next to you, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Connect with your heart and your breath and relax. Once centered, go within and ask yourself "who do I need to forgive?" and see what naturally reveals. Inquiring who you can offer forgiveness energy to releases much old, pain-filled, stagnated energy from you and your life which then clears and opens up new space for high-vibrational energies to move in! Sometimes we aren't even aware of what forgiveness work is left until we are brave enough to ask ourselves!
  • Chanting! Chanting sanskrit mantras is one of the oldest spiritual traditions and one of the most powerful ways to lift your frequency! When chanting the traditional way, you repeat the mantra 108 times which allows each of our 108 meridians in our bodies to receive the medicine of the chant. One mantra that's easy to start with is "Aham Prema" which means "I am love." And as love is the highest-frequency on the planet, you can imagine how this practice is sure to activate you in full!
  • Connecting to Earth. There are scientific studies that show the healing and health benefits of "grounding" or "earthing," the practice of connecting directly to the healing vibrations transmitted from our powerful planet! Anytime you feel stressed or "out of sorts" lay directly on your back on a wooden floor or directly on the Earth and allow your stress to release off of you. If you can also take a moment to walk barefoot on the ground while consciously connecting to your breath - these practices will get you back in your power in no time!
  • Spirit Animals! We are each assigned a main, core power animal who is with us since birth, and additionally, depending on what we are going through in life, other spirit animals come in to empower and guide us! The best way to meet your main power animal or any of your other helpers is by experiencing a guided shamanic journey lead by myself or another trusted shaman. Or, you can set the intention to have the spirit animal who is wanting to currently empower your pathway forward to reveal to you, then it is your job to be consciously aware of what animal shows up (you may repeatedly hear about the same animal in conversations, constantly see the same animal over and over for an entire week etc) but once the animal reveals (and it will!) then read about the energetic medicine and healing properties that this animal possesses to understand what it is trying to communicate to you and why it showed up! Working with spirit animals is a daily and most powerful practice for me. In fact, just as I was writing this the biggest hummingbird I have ever seen swooped right over to me! So you can begin by reading up on "hummingbird animal totem" to see why this blessed creature revealed for you today!
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