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Within each plant and flower is a spirit, an essence, and these properties are here on Earth to teach us, align us with our truth and power, help us remember who we are and the magnificence we possess, heal us and so much more! One powerful way you can begin to develop a rapport and relationship with these plant spirits and better understand how they can serve your life is by working with them in pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oil form. In this way you are working with nature in its most concentrated form – with the pure plant extracts (natural aromatic compounds found in plants- leaves, roots, flowers, resins & bark) which have 50-70 x the potency of the plant where it was sourced and powerful and safe when used correctly.

What You'll Need

  • Highest quality, pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oils (which can be found here)

What You'll Do

  • • Let your intuition guide you in deciding which plant medicines to work with! Some are very grounding and supportive, others very clarifying and uplifting, and some assist in opening your heart, intuition and are great to use during meditation.
  • • Once you’ve decided on your oils, it’s important to get to know them! These are living, breathing, powerful Earth elements that can raise your vibration! Learn if your oils are safe to consume, best to use topically (perhaps with a carrier oil like coconut oil) or used aromatically – enjoy your exploration into this new plant world!
  • I begin every morning at my altar – this is my sacred time and space where I immerse in various high-vibe practices like meditation, chanting, working with my drum, pulling animal totem cards, journeying and of course – working with plant medicines in essential oil form! I keep a collection at my altar and once again, go within to be guided to what scent and its healing properties are most needed that day.
  • Rose Essential Oil: I absolutely love working with rose in a roller – before meditation I will roll it on my wrists, place my wrists up to my nose, and take a few deep inhales and exhales, I will roll it on my heart center to soften and open it and will also rub some on my third eye.
  • Lime Essential Oil: I have really been feeling the positive effects of putting just 2 drops of lime essential oil in 8 oz of seltzer water – it fights infections and colds, strengthens our immune system, cleanses the air (when diffused) and it’s a definite mood and energy booster! As soon as I begin to drink it I feel elevated and more alert.
  • Breathe Blend or Peppermint Essential Oil: I have a diffuser at my home work station and it is absolutely invigorating and keeps me focused to use these blends in aromatherapy form! Studies have shown the aroma of peppermint can impact cognitive functions, assist with memory, reasoning, attention span, etc… Having this scent near me as I work has been a total game-changer!
  • Lastly, my all-time favorite way to work with these pure plant medicines is by creating my own plant potions™! I absolutely love taking amber-colored bottles and using my spiritual gifts and connection with my intuition to specially-create personalized blends for my friends! Depending upon what they’re experiencing in life or why I feel inspired to create a customized blend, I get all my oils out and use my good-witch skills to have fun and blend part fractionated coconut oil with an array of oils safe for topical use (or safe for whatever use I am aiming for, for them, perhaps you’d like to make a blend that is all safe to ingest - a plant potion elixir!) that will provide to them the healing benefits or evoking of emotions they need! I love giving them something that’s been blessed, made with love, and one-of-a-kind that will empower them!

Tips & Warnings

  • As a Shamanic Practitioner and Mystic, my connection to the energy of any product, practice, person, or place is very heightened and it is an integral part of my work to immerse in things that are very high-vibration. It is because of this that I am so connected to working with these pure essential oils in so many ways every single day – they have single-handedly drastically changed my life for the better which inspires me to share this potent healing option with you. It’s very important that you use your essential oils safely and properly and never ingest one that is not intended for consumption. It is also important to use the only pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oils in the world that have transparent to public third-party testing. These oils can be found here.
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