How To Reconnect To Your Power When You Feel Stressed or "Out of It"

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There are any number reasons why we sometimes feel swept up in thoughts, consumed by feelings of stress or worry or quite simply we feel "out of it," foggy or ungrounded. In working with energy systems and practices of shamanism, there are various techniques and methods we can do to bring ourselves back to our truth, peace and Divine power.

What You'll Need

  • An open heart and an open mind
  • The willingness to heal, grow, evolve and be in your full power
  • Possibly a journal

What You'll Do

  • Connect With Nature. Nature is our most potent healing system. All medicines in some way derive from it, it is miraculous beyond nature, sustains us in all ways. Becuase nature is designed to heal, on a soul-level and beyond, when we spend time in nature it soothes and heals us.
  • Set the intention to be in nature in some way - if you have only a moment you can step outside and take 30 seconds of long, deep breaths with the fresh air.
  • If you are able to spend more time in nature, head to a park, the beach, hiking trails etc... and with each step you take in nature allow it to be a walking meditation. Consciously connect with each step you take and ground/connect with the energies of Mother Earth (Gaia, Pachamama) and ask her to ground you, root you, bring you feelings of connection to source, Earth medicine and Earthly support.
  • If possible you will want to spend a few moments of your time in nature "earthing" or grounding" even deeper by walking barefoot and laying down for a few moments to allow your energetic body to feel more directly the currents and supportive medicines of Earth.
  • Allow yourself to see and feel nature with new eyes and a greater sense of awe and appreciation. Touch the bark of a tree, feel the breeze through your hair, Call upon the four directions to hold you and direct you back to your full Divine power. Simply allow yourself to experience nature as if it's your first time.
  • Before your time in nature is done, sit in meditation for a few moments and ask the natural world if there is anything it wants you to know. Ask the wind if it has a message for you. Ask your higher self "what do you want me to know?"
  • You can end your time by thanking Mother Earth and thanking nature for assisting and empowering you. If you have a journal handy you can write down any messages that came through for your meditation or simply journal about your experience and what feelings came up during your time in nature.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is simply by taking these conscious moments, especially when immersed in the healing powers of nature, that we can remember our deep inner peace, our beautiful trust that all is truly well and that we are magnificent beyond measure.
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