Transcending Self-Imposed Limitations and Getting Out of Your Own Way

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As our purpose for being here, on this planet, in this human form, is to evolve, feel and grow (and align with our Earth purpose in doing so), an absolute vital component in our exploration of our highest potential is having conscious awareness for how we may get in our own way, how we may self-sabotage and how we may unconsciously step into patterns of resisting our own light, power and success. As being who are powerful beyond measure, oftentimes it can be our own fear of shining our light in its brightest sense or expanding into and embodying our own Divine power that holds us back. If you would like to learn what to be aware of to get out of your own way and allow yourself to continue stepping forth through self-imposed limitations, read on!

What You'll Need

  • Courage to be your authentic self
  • An open conscious awareness to see truth within and about yourself
  • Willingness to shine bright and align with your calling
  • Readiness to hear and heed helpful communications from the unseen realms / Universe
  • A piece of paper or journal

What You'll Do

  • • Ask yourself if there are behaviors you engage in that you know suppress your power or hold you back. It could be staying in a relationship that no longer serves you, eating low-vibration foods like sugar, thinking pessimistic thoughts about yourself, having a strong desire to “run” or escape, etc.… Sit as long as you need with asking yourself this question and make note of any answers that reveal!
  • • You’ve already accomplished a MASSIVE piece of this work – the letting yourself see truth and reveal what was once hidden. Now that you’ve let these pieces come to surface you can be very compassionate and loving with yourself when you see these behaviors arise – they will be your guideposts showing you that you must be hitting a phase where your soul wants you to grow or it’s time for you to expand – so rather than beat yourself up when these behaviors reveal, see that you must be growing and allow a sense of excitement for this growth.
  • Watch what projects you are procrastinating the most on – those are the projects that mean the most to your soul. Again, with this loving, conscious awareness, we are now alchemizing a behavior that used to be unconscious and limiting and shifting it to one that is brought to the light and one you can now use as positive information that stepping through the resistance or procrastination is what will serve you and the planet the most!
  • Be very honest with yourself about what is low-vibration and high-vibration in your life. Everything is energy, so the products we use, places we go, people we spend time with… everything…. Is either low-vibration (keeping you suppressed, holding you down or back, limiting ir hurting you) or high-vibration (elevating you, evoking more love within you, allowing you to expand, learn and grow, healthy). On a piece of paper make two vertical columns and at the top of one write “low-vibe” and the top of the other “high-vibe.” For two days keep a log and categorize the products you use, foods and drinks you ingest, practices you involve yourself with, people you spend time with etc… in one of those categories. After the two days see take inventory if you are living more low or high-vibe and what changes you can make!
  • Really put in the work! If you’ve come this far in the article, that means you said yes to hearing and heeding the signs from Universe. So, if you are being shown a healer you should work with, having a sudden epiphany about yourself or your life, if any kind of clear sign is revealing for you – the most important part of this is then following the guidance and acting upon what is being shown! Every time you work in conjunction with your own intuition and the guidance of the unseen realms, this strengthens that rapport and your ability to be dialed-in to what you should do next to transcend, be in your power and shine will grow and grow and grow until it is a seamless, cohesive union between you and the highest flow of your life.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is my prayer for all beings that we learn the power, beauty and magnificence of ourselves, all beings and the Universe we live in. That we stay curious, open and willing to express new aspects of ourselves that wish to be expressed. That we honor one another on the path and celebrate those who give themselves permission to live their full authentic glory with love, compassion and an acknowledgment of the oneness of it all, the oneness of us all. Aho. Shining your authentic light and being in your full power may trigger others – some may lean in and get inspired, some may retract or project. Give yourself love for reading this entire article – doing so was a big act of stepping forth courageously. Be love and remember to be led by your heart and what your heart intelligence is guiding you to do.
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