Your Body: The Power of Progress

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Focus on your performances when it comes to fitness. When you improve at some aspect of your fitness, it's empowering. Rather than focusing on the size of your thighs or the way you look in the mirror, you'll find if you focus on progress, it's empowering and can change your focus. With the motivation from progress you will push yourself to get to the next level, before you know it you ARE content with you and your body, as you realize just how much incredible potential it has! I"m a huge believer that we need to change our focus from how we look to how we can improve our health and performance. Many of our traits are genetic, but what we can change is our health. We can run faster, lift more, gain flexibility, improve our aerobic capacity. That's encouraging.

What You'll Need

  • Courage
  • Open Mind

What You'll Do

  • Focus on the process of your activity of choice. Can you improve your thoughts during the tough parts? Can you focus on your improvement vs comparisons to others?
  • Join a group that will help you to push your limits, so that you don't get too comfortable and stop improving.
  • Reframe your focus. The more powerful, courageous and willing to take on challenges you are, the more you will realize THAT'S what makes you tick and feel good about yourself. You'll be grateful for your body, because it's the tool allowing you to do all of these awesome activities. Now go on, stop looking in the mirror, there's things to do.
  • I dare you to journal after each awesome active experience you have. Re read the words you see when you are feeling in the dumps. Then lace up and get out there to do more of what makes you feel strong, empowered and the incredible human being you are.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to surround yourself with others who are more focused on having a good time, pushing their physical limitations and being empowered by progress. People who lift you up, and you do the same in return.
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