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Change the messages you tell yourself and start giving yourself permission to be the star you are. This is not a magic formula – your inner voice is the most important voice in your life. You have to make it happen. IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Here are 7 mindful tips to help you boost your confidence levels and self-esteem naturally.

What You'll Need

  • Self compassion

What You'll Do

  • Select your thoughts daily the same way you select your clothes. This is a power you have to cultivate. If you cannot master your thoughts you will stay stuck. To live in Confidence City, you can’t move there from Complacency City. You have to reprogram your thoughts daily for success.
  • Be motivated by rejection. Enthusiasm and passion are gifts – use them wisely. See rejection as Universe’s protection, saying to you; ‘I have something way better, be patient, have faith, live life’ Every time a confident person gets knocked back they say over and over ‘I can and I will’.
  • Advertise your strengths, not your weaknesses. Stop telling everyone what you can’t do. What you are not good at. Don’t tell anyone you are not good enough. That opens the door for manipulative unkind people to mistreat you. Stop complaining about what is wrong in your life, what you don’t have. Here’s the thing; 50% of people don’t care and 45% are glad.
  • Remove or limit time spent with toxic people. Ignore others criticism. Negativity is spread by haters, repeated by fools and accepted by those with low confidence and no self -esteem. Confident people are at ease with who they are and are not manipulated into mediocrity, just so others don’t feel threatened.
  • Be kind to your mind. This will be the turning point for you. When you are about to be cruel, judgmental and negative about yourself, ditch ‘I can’t’, dump ‘why me?’ drop ‘if only’. Observe and listen… hear that? It’s the sound of ‘I am an alluring, enticing, magnetic woman’.
  • Stop the compare and despair. Put yourself on a pedestal. All that glistens is not gold. Hidden deep within you is the blueprint, the template of your authentic self. Persevere an attitude of self – acceptance. Discover and explore your distinctively human potentialities.
  • Practice self – care. Stop punishing yourself for what you think, feel, and want. Listen to what you need. It could be exercise, more sleep, a hug, and tea with a close friend, a pay rise, to change careers, to work less, to have more fun. Eliminate ‘‘should’’. Value yourself by honoring yourself.
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