Combo of Dermol 500, Dermol 600 and Epaderm for Eczema

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We tried every cream/bath cream etc out there for our son's eczema. Eventually, we saw an amazing skin specialist who prescribed the following as the basic foundation for his care (we also had to use steroid cream on some very stubborn areas to get them under control). The results to heal eczema and severe dry skin conditions were amazing - whenever he starts drying out we up the number of times a day we use the Epaderm. The most common type of eczema is called atopic dermatitis and it kind of works like an allergy. But the skin irritation, which is more often seen in children rather than adults, is not an allergic reaction but believed to be genetic. Eczema can be really painful and uncomfortable for a little one (let alone an adult), so dryness can cause mega uproar. We're so grateful that out skin specialist recommended these medicated products to treat eczema at home because now we see the amazing benefits and positive effects it's had on our son.

What You'll Need

  • Epaderm
  • Dermol 500
  • Dermol 600

What You'll Do

  • Always consult a doctor before using these products:
  • Gently apply Dermol 500 cream before a bath all over the body.
  • Put some Dermol 600 in the bath and soak.
  • Gently rub Epaderm all over the body after the bath.
  • Let dry.

Tips & Warnings

  • See a specialist not a GP if the eczema gets really bad - the difference in the quality of advice we got was amazing and helped us quickly get the eczema under control.
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Andrea says...
I've seen my GP a number of times as I've always suffered from eczema. This cream worked very well.

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