Smother yourself in Tiger Balm to get rid of a cold fast

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Everyone has a go-to remedy to treat a cold and I'm part of the Tiger Balm clan! Rub on some Tiger Balm wherever you feel a little blocked up and all cold-y. Trust me this really does help. When you first put the Tiger Balm on it will feel ice cold and then suddenly burning hot so be aware of that! Maybe start off small, i.e. just putting a tiny bit on and see how your skin reacts before doing the whole 'smothering' thing! It completely warms you and clears you up. I love this stuff. Tiger Balm works by topically applying the menthol based product on your chest and allowing the vapour to travel upwards towards your nose - opening up your sinuses and helping you get rid of a cold fast. You really do feel like your nose is being unblocked with each inhale of Tiger Balm. This is definitely my go-to product in winter or when the temperatures start to drop as it contains flu-fighters like mint oil, clove oil, camphor and menthol.

What You'll Need

  • Tiger Balm Red Ointment

What You'll Do

  • Rub the Tiger Balm on your chest/under your nose/temples etc.
  • Let it work it's magic
  • Buy some Tiger Balm found in most health food stored or pharmacies.
  • Rub a tiny amount first around the congested area (make sure to avoid broken skin).
  • Build up the amount as long as you don't have any irritations.
  • Inhale deeply and breathe in the natural elements of this topical product

Tips & Warnings

  • You only need a little dab of the stuff, it goes a long way. Also make sure it doesn't go near your eyes as it really stings. Don't touch anything after you use Tiger Balm and ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly after use.
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