Battling headaches? Let's get heavily meditated.

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Migraines, tension headaches, sinus pressure - you name it, I've been there. When? Morning, mid-afternoon, evening, basically anytime I was conscious. But what I should've been asking is, why? What I've come to realize with the science behind meditation is, headaches, especially tension headaches (pressure found around your forehead or back of the head/neck), have a lot to do with our nervous system. More often than not, we're operating from the sympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as fight or flight. It goes back to our body's natural survival mode that gets triggered when we are under attack. Back then the threat was either a tiger, or bear, or other vicious enemy. Only now, that tiger looks more like deadlines and bills. When we're constantly in fight or flight mode, our nervous system feels attacked, so it stays in protection mode aka. tunnel vision (on the predator), muscle tension (to freeze still), and insomnia (incase we have to flee). Alas, headaches arise as a response from the nervous system overworking. We can take all the pain medication we want, but it most likely will not release the root cause of the headaches, which could be a result from that oh so familiar 6-letter word: STRESS. This is where I become heavily meditated. Just taking a few deep breaths, eyes closed, body relaxed, signals to our parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as rest and digest, that we're not under attack. We're ok. We're gonna make it. The tension in our muscles release, our creative, bigger picture vision broadens, and, like magic, the head thumping begins to dissipate. Like anything else related to mindfulness, this is a practice. The more you practice moving from fight or flight mode to rest and digest mode, the more relief you'll experience, overall.

What You'll Need

  • An open mind

What You'll Do

  • Meditate
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