3 Simple Steps to Healthy Eating

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At the beginning of the year and even throughout the year, many of us set out to eat well and eat better in some way. However, when it comes to nutrition and “eating well”, there are so many dietary theories out there that it can just be plain confusing as to what you should eat! It honestly makes you just not even want to attempt to eat well because it feels like it’s never good enough. I know that struggle far too well and also gave up at one point in my life. After struggling with my weight for years and trying every diet and exercise program under the sun, I gave up. I gave up on trying to nourish my body and gave it fuel, and gave up on trying to get to a healthy weight. Until I started to focus on eating real, whole foods, consistently. By real, whole foods I mean foods that are as unprocessed as possible and aren’t refined or completely altered in a factory. These include vegetables, fruits, meats, healthy fats, and little sugar. When I focused on eating this way for the majority of the week, I started to lose the weight, get fitter, and actually ENJOY eating well. So if eating well is one of your new year's goals, here are a few simple tips that can help you ditch the diets and find a way of eating that is SUSTAINABLE for the rest of your life.

What You'll Need

  • A couple recipes to try that focus on including the three macronutrients
  • Access to locally grown food or organic food

What You'll Do

  • FOCUS ON MACRONUTRIENTS: Macronutrients are the three main types of nutrients you want to try to include at every meal. These are: Carbohydrates (in the form of fruits and vegetables - even starchy veggies), Protein (eggs and meat are my go-to) and Fats (avocados, olives, coconut products, etc).
  • FOCUS ON QUALITY: Focus on eating foods that provide you the most nutrients possible and are the least contaminated with chemicals. Organic, local, and grassfed are always the best options to choose from when grocery shopping or eating out. However, I understand that it may be hard financially to choose those foods all the time, so do your best to choose the best option when it’s in your ability to :)
  • 3. HAVE FUN: One of the saddest thing someone ever told me is that he was going to stop eating anything that taste good because that was how he was going to eat healthy and lose weight! It broke my heart because that’s many of our mentalities towards healthy eating! That in order for it to be healthy, it won’t taste good. For me, I think the complete opposite now because I Have found some awesome recipes that are quick, fun, and healthy that are my go-to’s when life is busy and I want to make sure I eat well!

Tips & Warnings

  • Where are you at when it comes to the nutrition portion of your health journey? Would applying any of the tips above help you on your journey? Share in the comments below! P.S. For more support around eating well, check out some of my free resources (including recipes) at http://www.madewell345.com/free-resources/
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