3 Tips in Planning for Success in Your Health Goals

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Planning Ahead makes all the difference in being successful in just about everything you do, especially when it comes to your health and well-being. Whether in a project at work or getting ready to take on new goals, planning out step-by-step what you have to do will lead to a higher rate of success than if you didn't plan. There are three core things you must do in order to effectively plan ahead: plan to plan, make it simple, and have accountability.

What You'll Need

  • Your planner
  • Accountability partner, community or coach

What You'll Do

  • PLAN TO PLAN: There is nothing worse than going into a new season or new project without a plan! Rather than making sure you have all the resources and time you need to work towards your goal each day (i.e. being PROACTIVE), you will instead go into each day ill-equipped to actually accomplish the steps you need to do that day.Therefore, in order to make sure you are well equipped to accomplish your health and fitness goals each day, take some time at the beginning of the week (even on Sunday) to plan out the week and schedule in both exercise and meal prep!
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: Honestly, one of the main reasons people quit their health resolutions early on is because they are trying to make TOO many changes at one time! This is the worst for our bodies and minds! You must start small and you must keep it simple. It takes time to make lasting change so it is best to take on 1-2 new habits or goals at a time, to ensure that you are setting yourself up to create healthy habits that LAST and create change that lasts.
  • 3. HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY: Those who are held accountable are more likely to achieve their goals! There are so many ways you can get accountability in your health journey! You can join an online community committed to supporting each other in their health journey (feel free to join mine in mine - the Women of Health and Purpose Group on Facebook), ask a friend to check in with you a couple times a week, or even hire a trainer or coach that will be ensuring you are staying on track!

Tips & Warnings

  • Accountability has been a GAME CHANGER in just about every area of my health, business and life and I know that it will give you the results you need as well! What’s one thing you can do to better plan ahead to move one step closer to reaching your health goals? Share in the comments below!
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