3 Tips to Improve Your Exercise Habits

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Exercise and movement are fundamental to our health and well-being and definitely an area we all set goals in throughout the year. Back in my parents’ day, they didn’t have to worry about movement because they were walking everywhere, cleaning often, or playing outside with their family members. Sadly, this has changed in the name of industrialization and efficiency! We now have cars to take us places, the majority of our work can be done sitting at a computer, and we often socialize with people over sedentary activities. By no means is any of this bad, but it has decreased the exercise and movement we get daily. So to combat this, I’m giving you three tips below to improve your exercise and movement patterns this year:

What You'll Need

  • Walking or running shoes
  • Access to a gym or outside walking/running area

What You'll Do

  • CONSISTENCY: Exercising and moving consistently is what will get you results in your health and fitness goals. This can be you saying you are going to walk 3x a week for 30 minutes, or get up every hour to stretch or walk the stairs. Whatever the goal is, you want to try to make it frequent and consistent.
  • VARIETY: Our body is smart and will adapt to the stimulus we put on them. So try to mix up the exercises and type of exercise you do each week! Go walking one day, do weights the next day, go running/walking one day, etc! It will decrease the boredom and increase the results :)
  • 3. INTENSITY: Intensity is something you want to include in each work out! High intensity in a workout helps increase your fitness levels and your metabolism greatly! A great way to start incorporating intensity in, is intervals! Try walking for a few minutes, then jogging, walking for a few minutes, then jogging.

Tips & Warnings

  • What do you do for exercise? What is one thing you can add into your exercise routine (consistency, variety or intensity?) For more on exercise and fitness, check out http://www.madewell345.com/category/fitness/
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