3 Tips to Manage Your Stress and Sleep More

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Up until a few years ago, I underestimated how much lack of sleep and too much stress actually impacted my health. Many of the preventable diseases that our world is facing have been caused by too much stress and little sleep. When we are chronically stressed (both mentally and physically), our bodies are in the fight and flight mode and are constantly working to fight off whatever threat it feels so our immune system doesn’t have time or energy to fight off actual threats to our body and has no time to rest. Then, if we aren’t sleeping that perpetuates the cycle and our bodies literally start to break down. So to break this cycle this new year, here are three things you can do!

What You'll Need

  • Pen and paper
  • Comfy bed

What You'll Do

  • IDENTIFY THE STRESSORS: Take out a sheet of paper and identify the common stressors and triggers in your life. Do you get stressed about networking, or getting enough clients? Do you get stressed when your kids do something they shouldn’t? Whatever it is, make a list of what causes the stress in your life and be totally honest about this!
  • CREATE ALTERNATIVES: Now that you have identify the stressors, create alternative responses to the stressors. For example, if when a discovery call doesn’t go as planned instead of feeling hopeless or fostering a negative mindset, express gratitude for what is GOING well in your business and choose to dwell on those things!
  • 3. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO SLEEP: Listen, with the busy lives many of us lead, it’s hard to tell ourselves it’s okay to take care of ourselves and sleep (at least it is for me!). So when you feel like you need a nap, or a morning off, or just don’t have energy to work on that newsletter, SLEEP! Don’t try to justify it or say you earned it, just do it. Because you DESERVE IT!

Tips & Warnings

  • Is too much stress and too little sleep something you struggle with? I would love to hear from you below and answer any questions on this topic :) Share in the comments below! P.S. Check out more blog posts and support on stress management and sleep here: http://www.madewell345.com/category/lifestyle-and-holistic-health/
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