Resilience in the middle of a big change (transformation)

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People love the metaphor of the caterpillar that became a beautiful butterfly. We love to talk about the growth and the transformation and the beauty of having become… but what about when we are in the process of becoming? When we are wrapped up in that little cocoon, unsure of exactly where we are going but knowing that for some reason we just need to turn inward and DO THE WORK to get there. We generally do not like that part. But that’s how the metaphorical transformation comes about, right? The caterpillar wraps itself up in a little cocoon and sits in the darkness and the unknowing while doing the work (of literally digesting and re-creating itself) and has faith in what is to come. We humans tend to resist the cocooning. The messy middle. The “I’m not sure and don’t have the answers yet.” The figuring out. The processing. The recalibrating. The changing our minds and perhaps our paths. The letting go. We don’t want that. It’s uncomfortable. We just want to jump right to the story of “look at me, I made it, but it wasn’t always easy and here's why…” But sometimes we just aren’t ready for that part yet. And that is OK. There is just as much beauty in the cocooning—in giving yourself permission to be exactly where you are, without judging it, without rushing to get to the next phase, all the while putting in the un-glorified and un-sexy work and having faith in what’s to come.

What You'll Need

  • Optional, but always recommended: a journal.

What You'll Do

  • Give yourself permission to acknowledge how you feel without judgment.
  • If you are feeling stuck in or overwhelmed by your feelings, try free-writing in a journal until you have cleared all of your thoughts.
  • Then, ask yourself--how is this change for my highest good? And how is this discomfort moving me in that direction?
  • If you can't think of how your discomfort is helping to move you forward, ask yourself if your discomfort is a sign of something else that is asking for your attention or action.
  • Keep showing up and have faith that you will break out of the cocoon when the time is right.
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