Natural Highs in combating anxiety

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When we are in nature the brain starts to function differently and becomes less likely to over think, worry and ruminate. So when the mind goes round in circles and you just want to switch off it can be useful to try to find a way to connect with nature. I know that can be hard in a city but the evidence has shown that while it is ideal if you can find a tree or area of green you can still get great benefits from looking at photos of nature. Below are 3 possible ways you could bring some nature into your life even if you work and live in a built up area.

What You'll Need

  • Just you!

What You'll Do

  • Find some great natural images that you love and make you feel calm. For some this is mountains and lakes, for others it is wide open fields or rice paddies and many love a long perfect white beach. Whatever gets you smiling is ideal. Now add these to your screensaver, your computer desktop background and print some images to place aound your desk on put in your wallet. I recommend not relying on your phone for the images as once you start using the phone this can be distracting and activates your stress response which is not the goal!
  • If you have a tree or even a small green area near your home or work can you make time each day to go and sit in it, near or or look at it every day, even if just for 4-5 minutes, If you have had a tough meeting or situation can you take a little walk around the tree or walk across the grass or even better sit and stare at the tree for a few moments. There is a broad evidence-base to show that this leads to less anxiety, more focus and productivitiy, better physical health and happiness! Win - wine - win - win!
  • Can you consider a new journey to work or route to your lunch spot which passes a little more nature? This can be a simple change of 1 road but can have an impact. Or can you pay a little more attention to the nature that does alreday surround you on your way to work? Can you look at the trees, the fields, the birds? Can you notice the colours changing or the seasons evolving? Attention can bring more beauty into every moment and calms the mind!

Tips & Warnings

  • Connect for more daily mindfulness tips and anxiety reducing habits!
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