How to do a head wrap for migraines

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A fantastic method that I have learned from my Senior Iyengar Teachers is to wrap my head with a bandage (like a standard ace bandage). Although some may find this strange at first, the gentle pressure of the bandage against the head encourages the cranial and temporal muscles around the skull to release. It also allows some darkness which a lot of people undergoing migraines need. It's also a cost-effective solution that doesn't rely on medication. Symptoms of migraines like fogginess, throbbing pain, blurry vision and exhaustion to name a few can be caused by many things including stress, too much time at the computer and even extreme exposure to light among others, so a simple home remedy to reduce the pain and discomfort of migraines is one of the most simple solutions you can try. To start, set your self up in a comfortable space either by your yoga mat with a couple props (you can read my yoga sequence for migraines to get more details) or in your room if you would prefer to lie in your bed.

What You'll Need

  • One ace bandage wrap

What You'll Do

  • Take the bandage and start to wrap the bandage from the left temple around the head, cross over the eyes at first and then around the back of the skull/top of the neck until you make your way full circle.
  • Wrap up a little higher so most of the head is comfortable supported.
  • When you reach the end of the bandage tuck the end in to the rest of the wrap.
  • You want the bandage to be tight enough so it doesn't slide off but not so tight that you feel an increase in pain pressure. You should wrap the bandage at a pressure similar to a gentle massage.
  • Keep the wrap on for as long as you feel you need. Some people wear this wrap all day when in migraine. If you are practicing yoga use it for the length of your practice.

Tips & Warnings

  • With migraines it is always important to try and understand where the headache is stemming from, either a hormonal problem, a postural imbalance, a TMJ problem etc... This will help you choose your curative approach. The wrap works for most migraines but is most effective for migraines stemming from postural imbalances, injuries and TMJ issues.
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