Yoga For Migraines - Forward Bends

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One of the most important thing through your yoga practice to help your migraine is to allow your muscles to rest and relax allowing space for the pain to dissolve. When you are experience a migraine you should avoid many of the standing and invigorating postures. You want to work with restorative seated and floor poses. Forward bends can slow the release of certain hormones and calm the nervous system. You can also use a head wrap which is listed in my cures

What You'll Need

  • One wooden block
  • One chair
  • One yoga blanket

What You'll Do

  • Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend) - Stretch your legs out and with a nice long spine fold over your legs (make sure not to over stretch). From here take your block and place it under your head to allow the weight of the head to fall into it (if you can't reach the block use a chair with a blanket folded over it).
  • Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee Forward Bend) - Stretch out your right leg and bring the left heal to your perineum. Put a blanket under your left outer thigh close to your hip if the knee doesn't drop down easily to the floor, remember you want the body to relax. Wrap your hands around your right foot and extend your head towards your knee. If your head doesn't reach your knee but you aren't far you can fold a blanket and place your head on the blanket. If you are still far place a chair over your leg and allow your head to rest on the chair. It is important that the muscles in the head, neck and skull relax. Once you have finished do the other side.

Tips & Warnings

  • Understanding where your Migraine is stemming from is an important step if you suffer from them regularly. There are certain migraines stemming from chemical and hormonal imbalances that will be more complicated to address in a physical practice. A great tool to use is the book by Yoga Master BKS Iyengar, "Light on Yoga".
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