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There's so much more to life than getting high. Chances are, your drug of choice has become your top priority. If you've neglected family and friends, hobbies or interests, turn it around and reconnect with the most fulfilling parts of your everyday life.

What You'll Need

  • To evaluate how you spend your time. Are the majority of your waking hours spent chasing your high? Have you put aside the people and activities that were the most meaningful to you?

What You'll Do

  • Make a list of people and things that have fallen by the wayside. Think about whether using is giving you the benefits or long-term satisfaction that other passions have provided?
  • Consider activities you've been interested in exploring. What would it take to start to immerse yourself in something new? Could you commit to taking a few tentative steps and see if anything changes?
  • Revisit the faith you were raised in, if it resonated with you earlier on. Perhaps there are answers there to questions you didn’t know you had? Checking out other belief systems or spiritual avenues may open doors, or offer a much needed sense of community and belonging.
  • Write it down. Making your plans concrete will allow you to make a concrete assessment of the progress you’ve made in fulfilling these commitments. If you’ve been lax, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, pledge to do more tomorrow, and hold yourself to it. Change doesn’t come unless action is taken.

Tips & Warnings

  • Addiction is a disease of isolation. Very often, the addict will avoid the people who care for them the most, out of embarrassment, shame, or fear of being confronted about their substance use. Connection is the opposite of addiction. Change your habits. Develop a network of positive people who are engaged in productive activities. Seek out people who are uplifting and support your efforts to better yourself. Revisit the things you may be neglecting, or put some effort into seeking out meaning in unfamiliar territory.
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