Poor circulation? It's time to get your cups on to boost your circulation with an added benefit of 'detoxification' all at the same time

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Poor circulation can lead to the build up of toxins inside the body's tissues. This buildup can be the root cause of many different health conditions. Cupping helps to improve stagnation, while the blood rushing to the area that's been treated carries away toxins. Along with those toxins, it helps to clear dead cells and other debris. All of these elements are then expelled naturally. This consequently promotes an influx of Qi & Blood circulation relieving any poor circulatory symptoms. It is advisable to drink lots of water after a cupping session to flush away impurities and promote better health. Circulation & detox is one of 'many' health benefits of this powerful therapy.

What You'll Need

  • Cupping

What You'll Do

  • Consulat a qualified Chinese Medicine Practititoner for a thorough diagnosis and examiniation.
  • Book your cupping session, enjoy the benefits and don't forget to drink cups of water after your treament!!!

Tips & Warnings

  • Please ensure you consult a qualified practitioner prior to booking a cupping session.
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