A regular yoga practise to help you towards a positive body image

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A yoga regular yoga practice. Let go of your need to be perfect. - Realize that your body is a wonderful vessel and that has housed you for all your life. Get active without an emphasis on weight loss. - Allow ones natural wellbeing to help you be the best version of you. Yoga helps lead to you a healthy lifestyle. Without trying to fit into society’s model of how we need to look Find a healthy, body-positive environment - Find a body positive yoga class or community where you are able to feel safe without judgment and are be truly come find out who you really are. Helping you to find healthy alternatives to the diet culture. Be mindful of the negative beliefs and behaviors and learn how to change these - Become aware of your potential inner critic. If you’ve been struggling with body image, it’s possible that you’ve internalized negative body beliefs that you’re not even aware of. Relieve stress than can lead to poor body image and eating disorders. - Stress and body images issues can become a vicious cycle: When we’re stressed out, we may become more self-critical about our body weight/size and eating habits.

What You'll Need

  • Yoga allows us to start to slow down the inner-critic, and start to observe that this voice in our head isn’t necessarily the real. Bring you back home to the true you.

What You'll Do

  • Find a body positive yoga class or community where you feel safe and nurtured
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