9 Steps to Digital Wellbeing!

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Digital wellbeing means having your digital devices be of service to you so that you are their master not their slave. The problem is that digital usage has the tendency to be inherently addictive and many of the apps and websites are built to keep you addicted. Once your start cruising through webpages, Facebook posts, twitter feeds, it’s hard to stop. Learn how to be the master of all your apps, games, newsletters, social media devices, etc, so that they do not eat away at your time and energy. Digital wellbeing means coming from a position of choice in how you use them, and being able to step away regularly. Here are a few tips:

What You'll Need

  • An understanding of when you are reaching for you phone

What You'll Do

  • When you’re standing in a queue, leave your phone in your pocket. Look around you and notice what’s happening. Maybe even strike up a conversation.
  • On public transport, rather than plug in to a digital game, give your brain a rest. Uncross your legs, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Let the busy thoughts settle, and imagine a peaceful green field or lake. Rest there until it’s time to disembark.
  • Leave aside all devices at least half an hour before you go to bed, and put them in another room so you are not tempted to check your phone as soon as you wake up.
  • Buy an alarm clock. Don’t sleep with your phone under your pillow!
  • Set aside designated times to deal with emails and stick to that. Avoid getting sucked into hopping from one social media service or webpage link to another.
  • Unsubscribe to all mail that you do not really enjoy, want or need.
  • When opening emails, many people hold their breath. Get into the habit of breathing deeply into the bottom of your tummy below the tummy button. Expand it fully as you breath in. Remind yourself to do this throughout the day.
  • Emails can be an emotional roller coaster. Acknowledge any feelings that arise as you open and read your emails. Let them pass. Simply noticing them will free you up and reduce stress.
  • Make one meal a day digital-free, and designate one day a month as digital detox day. Then stick to it!
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