How To Get A Restful Sleep Every Night

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Sleep deprivation significantly impacts your body and mind. Sleeping less than 7-8 hours per night causes: •Decreased testosterone •Impaired attention, vigilance and memory •Increased confusion •Negative mood •Metabolic disorders such as lowered insulin sensitivity •Reduced efficiency and safety in performing tasks •Negative impact to the immune system, inflammatory and stress responses But what if you can't sleep?! Here are some tricks to making sure you get your full night's rest, every night: •Exercise helps the body actually get to sleep •Get a nighttime schedule and create a bedtime routine •Avoid the caffeine and alcohol - period. You may want to avoid it in the afternoons first, and if you are still having trouble falling asleep, cut the caffeine 100% until you get your sleep under control. Trust me, you'll survive! :) •Stress not only stops you from falling asleep, it also negatively impacts your sleep. Remember to meditate in order to relieve stress and sleep better •Lavender essential oil has been shown to improve the quality of sleep •Set a gentle alarm reminder on your phone half an hour before you are supposed to be in bed. This will alert you to start closing off what you are doing and leisurely make your way to bed. •Melatonin supplements as a last resort. It has been shown to reverse the cognitive dysfunction caused by sleep deprivation in rats. •As always, check with your doctor before starting any supplements

What You'll Need

  • •A comfy bed - it is worth it to invest in a high quality mattress
  • •Therapeutic grade lavender essential oil spray (bonus if it's organic!)
  • •A dark, cool room (around 70-75 degrees F), noise-free except for some white noise (fan, AC etc.)
  • •A visit to your doctor if you are still unable to sleep after trying the above tips consistently for two weeks

What You'll Do

Tips & Warnings

  • Visit Healthy Life Hack's page for further information, references and resources!
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