How To Stop Looking At Your Cell Phone

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We all have that moment where we're holding our cell phone in our hand and it dawns on us that we've looked it 15 times in the last three minutes. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in multi-tasking, notifications, pings and WhatsApp messages that our neck has a crick in it and our thumbs are showing early metacarpal-phalangeal joint osteoarthritis. We say we're not going to look at our phone, and then literally 8 seconds later we're tapping the screen to see the newest updates. Apart from coming across as antisocial and looking like a neurotic tech addict, there is absolutely no reason why we should be looking at our phones so frequently. However, every time we hear an incoming email or see a new text and look at the brightly lit screen, our brain is hit with a dopamine infusion, reinforcing the behaviour of constantly being attached to our phones. So how do we break this obsessive habit without checking into rehab?

What You'll Need

  • - A smart phone/tablet

What You'll Do

  • Below are a few easy steps to finally break free from the digital chains of your phone:
  • 1. Keep your phone in a different room when you come home. Physically placing your phone in a different room means you have to get up out of your chair, walk across the room, open the door and seek out the phone. With this, it becomes a lot harder to check your phone every 10 seconds. Instead, you can finally concentrate on actually watching that Netflix movie instead of scrolling through Facebook and managing 100 Whatsapp groups while the TV is on in the background.
  • 2. Turn off your phone - you will mentally feel a difference when you hear your phone power off, and you will not be subconsciously listening out for the next message or email.
  • 3. If your business or job doesn't ever allow you to not be answerable 24/7, then have your spouse or loved one hold your phone for you for a couple hours. This will ensure that the phone is still monitored for emergencies (i.e. if you get a call or urgent email from your boss or on-call staff member), but that the non-urgent emails and messages are left until business hours, giving you headspace and time to be tech-free. During this time, I recommend reading the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris to find out how to change your situation so that you are not constantly on-call 24/7 for your job or business.

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Sheeza says...
I switched off all types of notifications. It's genuinely killed my need to constantly check my phone.

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