When You Feel That Cold Coming On - The Get Rid Of It Guarantee

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We all have had that feeling when we know that a cold is coming on, but despite our best efforts we feel the stuffed nose, fatigue and brain fog mounting quickly. What can you do to battle the onset of the sniffles?

What You'll Need

  • -A bed for rest
  • -Lots of fluids and whole foods

What You'll Do

  • Here is a remedy that is sure way to conquer that cold virus and stop it dead:
  • 1. Get lots of rest. Yes - cancel that night out with your friends, switch off the TV and actually go to bed to sleep. You'll be surprised at how much your body needs rest to fight the virus. Most of us are operating on too little sleep as it is, and the virus will take advantage of your weakened immune system as a result. Don't give it a chance - sleep is one of the best natural aids your body can get when it comes to fighting an infection.
  • 2. Drink a lot of fluids - more than you would like, the amount that keeps you getting up to pee every couple of hours. No artificial drinks either - herbal tea, water, coconut water or kombucha. Your body is activating your immune system (as weakened as it is) to fight the virus. This takes a lot of energy and resources while under attack by an infection. The body is literally revving your metabolism and using calories for an all-out war on the virus. This leads to chronic dehydration which severely hampers the body's ability to fight. Over-drinking, which is what it may feel like, will assist your body in ensuring that the immune system can perform at its best.
  • 3. Eat whole, unprocessed food. Your body does not need the added strain of trying to digest unknown chemicals and substances found in processed junk food in addition to fighting a virus. Instead, feeding your body whole, nutritious food will boost the immune system to fight harder. Organic, grass-fed, pasture- and humanely-raised foods will provide the macro- and micronutrients your body needs to do the job.
  • 5. Fermented foods are like magic - drinking kombucha and eating fermented foods help boost your immune system, heal leaky gut and are helpful in preventing a superceding bacterial infection. Kombucha is easy to drink, comes in a huge variety of flavours and can be drunk alongside water for your fluid intake.

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