How to do a Niacin Detox

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David Wolfe, Dr. Mercola and Dr. George Yu have all talked extensively about this innovative detox-hack. The Niacin detox has been used to treat ex-military who have suffered from high levels of toxicity in Iraq as well as fire fighters who suffered from toxic fumes and gases during 9/11. In a nutshell the protocol involves supplementing with Niacin (B3) in incremental amounts, exercise and sweat. Niacin blasts open the fat cells, where non-soluble toxins are stored (the ones we can’t get rid of naturally), releasing the fatty acids and toxic chemicals into the blood. Once the noxious toxins have been agitated from their resting place within the body, we must assist the natural pathways of elimination and sweat them out through the sauna. The activated charcoal tabs ensure any remaining toxicity is absorbed and carried out through the digestive system.

What You'll Need

  • 1. 50 mg Niacin supplements
  • 2. Access to a Sauna, preferably a Far Infrared Sauna.
  • 3. Space to do some cardio exercise, preferably a mini trampoline or rebounder or skipping rope
  • 4. Activated charcoal tabs

What You'll Do

  • 1. Take the Niacin supplement. The dosage will depend on your toxicity level. Its generally recommend to start with a max of 50 mg and see how you feel. High levels of Niacin can cause the body to “flush” turning red, itchy and hot. Serious Niacin detoxification protocols can involve dosages of up to 5000mg, but this is dangerous without professional supervision.
  • 2. About 20 minutes after you take the Niacin, you will want to start your cardio exercise. You should exercise until you break a sweat. The best exercise for this protocol is to jump on a rebounder, but jumping jacks or skipping would also be good choices.
  • 3. After you have cooled down from your cardio exercise, you need to go into a sauna until you properly sweat. Obviously keep hydrated in the sauna, coconut water is the best for this type of rehydration. It is recommended that you properly clean the walls of the sauna after each sweat during this protocol since your sweat will be toxic and can contaminate the space. Vinegar mixed with essential oils and/or Nutribiotic GSE is the best non-toxic sauna cleanser.
  • 4. That evening, take between 5-10 activated charcoal tabs. These are non-toxic and assist the body to pull out any remaining “loose” toxins via the digestive system.
  • 5. Continue the protocol for up to 5 days, gradually increasing the Niacin dosage by 50mg a day, reaching a max of 250mg

Tips & Warnings

  • Even though some Niacin protocols can increase dosage up to 5000mg, this is unsafe if an expert does not monitor you. It is also advisable to stay well hydrated throughout the detox week to further assist the body to flush out the ‘freshly released” toxins from the body.
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