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The two resources people often say they don't have enough of, and yet can always find for the important stuff, are time and money. In today's society so many of us are running around like headless chickens trying to get everything done, stressed out and panicking about not having enough time. There is another way! With a few simple tweaks to how you look at how you're using your time it's amazing how much more of it you can find.

What You'll Need

  • Just yourself

What You'll Do

  • Schedule everything! Including 'you' time. When you start to implement this you'll be amazed at how everything manages to slot around what's in your diary. I have a rule. If it's not in the diary, it won't get done!
  • Write down everything that you do throughout the week on a regular basis. Really get honest with yourself and cross off anything on that list that you don't really have to do and stop doing it! Simple right?
  • Learn to say no. How much of your time is spent doing things or seeing people that you don’t really want to? The more you say no, the easier and more natural it becomes. But you have to start!
  • What do you assume is a waste of your time that you could use more productively? Do you have a commute? The doctors waiting room, the post office? I reframed my 'wasted time' into my 'learning zone' and I read at least 100 books per year. I also have certain tasks that I can do from my phone and do them in these little dead zones of time. Think about you now vs you after 100 books that you learn from...wowzers!
  • Eat That Frog. Brian Tracy’s amazing book teaches that tackling the task we're dreading the most FIRST makes everything else easier and quicker. PLUS you will save so much more time not procrastinating on the big stuff!
  • Batching is your best friend. What could you batch in one sitting rather than spreading it across the week? Errands? Messages to friends? Emails? Can you set an autoresponder to emails saying you’re in meetings and there could be a delay to your response to buy yourself some more time to finish what you’re doing without worrying about anything ‘urgent’ coming into your inbox? Ooooh wouldn't that be nice!
  • What takes valuable time that you could delegate? What value do you put on your time? If it costs you less to outsource something, do it! Could you get a cleaner, a virtual assistant, order your shopping instead of going to get it?
  • Be honest about what distracts you. Turn off phone notifications, delete apps that you use to just waste time, use your phone's 'do not disturb' function.
  • Declutter anything you can think of to declutter. This sounds counter intuitive but stick with me, See point 1 and put it in your diary and declutter everything you can think of. Your environment can be a massive distraction. It can aid you in procrastination which is the thief of time. If there's nothing to sort, you can't do it! Clutter also causes stress for a huge amount of people so the less clutter you have the less stressful things are.
  • Prioritise. A bit of an obvious one but an often ignored one. Be really honest with yourself about what is actually a priority and what isn't. The more tasks you do that are actually a priority, the less is on your to do list to worry about because you have more time on the rest. whoop!
  • Are you an early bird or a night owl? Work out which time of the day you're your most productive and schedule appropriate tasks in there.
  • Preparation. Take decision fatigue out of the equation. batch cook your meals, lay out your clothes for the next day and pack your bag in advance.

Tips & Warnings

  • These tips were game changers for me while having a full time job, 2 businesses, a commute and a bouncy dog! Hope they help you find more time in YOUR day! Let me know how you get on.
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