How To Get Out Of To-Do List Overwhelm

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When your to do list is a mile long it can really increase those feelings of overwhelm. Overwhelm is a HUGE contributor to procrastination, which only contributes to the overwhelm further in an ironic little loop of knowing what you need to do and not getting any of it done! I have one of my favourite, simple techniques that I teach all my clients that I want to share with you. You can use this on a weekly and daily basis to get you out of overwhelm and into action and out of the 'busy being busy' cycle.

What You'll Need

  • A piece of paper or a google doc (I have a printable version).

What You'll Do

  • Split a horizontal page into 3 vertical columns.
  • In column one brain dump everything that's in your head about what you have to get done. Everything you can think of. This will still feel overwhelming but the magic is coming don't worry.
  • In the middle column take everything from your first column, get REALLY honest about what actually HAS to get done THIS WEEK. Anything with an actual deadline that can't be moved.
  • Split your final column and split it into the days of the week.
  • Every day (on the day!) take 3 things from the MIDDLE column to get done. If you finish those 3 then great, feel free to add another one.

Tips & Warnings

  • The way this works is if you achieved 3 things from your first column you'd be thinking OMG I haven't got anything done!! You'd constantly feel like you're not getting anywhere with your to do list. Whereas if you get really honest about REAL deadlines, rather than self imposed ones, and finish your 3 tasks you're always going to feel a sense of achievement. You'll always feel like you're getting somewhere. You'll have a daily focus. The likelihood is by doing this you will have achieved far more in the week, with less stress than you would if you had tried from the mindset of looking at the first column. Go try it for yourself and let me know how you get on.
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