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Diets sap your energy and waste all that amazing potential you have! Giving your power back to your innate wisdom is the only way to bring your body back into balance - and free yourself from dieting trap. This technique based on intuitive eating is the key to a healthy relationship with food, and it’s what people who have never had any food dysfunction (or been on a diet) do naturally.

What You'll Need

  • Patience - this is harder than it sounds if you've been on diets for a long time.
  • Trust in your body and in the process.

What You'll Do

  • Start by telling yourself that your body knows best. This might be counter to what you've done for years. But have a go at giving over trust to your body. All you have to do is wait and listen.
  • Wait to feel what it feels like to be genuinely hungry. If you're still not sure then you're likely not hungry. Wait a little more (but always tell yourself there will be food when you want/need it) Once you start to feel your natural signals, choose something you really fancy (regardless of what it is) to eat and savour every morsel.
  • Then when you feel the satisfaction of fullness, stop. This can be really hard, I know. But even if you only manage to stop for a little bit to begin with that’s a step forward. Keep practicing.
  • With practice, you'll notice that some days you will need carbs and other days you'll need salad - and that’s ok! The body knows better than the brain once you stop trying to be in control all the time. I promise once you give your body full trust, you won't want to eat pizza forever.

Tips & Warnings

  • Diets do not work for a whole load of reasons but one of the main ones is that there don't allow for any emotional changes. Food is nourishment, pleasure and comfort so it's totally fine to want to eat according to our mood, the season or even to suit our temperature (mashed potato to warm us up in winter anyone?! Yes!) When you learn to trust your body and listen to your natural hunger/fullness signals you'll be able to ditch diets for good.
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