Why and why NOT give up refined sugar

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I wouldn't wish to insult your intelligence by telling you WHY too much-refined sugar in your diet is so very bad for your brain and your body but I would like to help you uncover your personal relationship with it. So WHY is it so difficult to be free from sugar cravings? You will have 2 stories that you are telling yourself about the sugary foods you eat. One is positive and one is negative. These 2 stories battle for your attention. This internal dialogue (that you may not even be aware of) controls your behaviour around making a decision to eat something sugary or not. Let's explore your stories.

What You'll Need

  • Pen and paper
  • Quiet space

What You'll Do

  • Write down your main 3 reasons WHY you would like to give up sugar.
  • Write down your main 3 reasons WHY you would NOT like to give up sugar.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reasons why could be because of health, because you're fed up of being controlled by sugar or you’ve lost touch with real foods. Reasons why not could be because it tastes so good, it’s the only treat you have, you’re scared you’ll fail if you try to quit. These are of course all normal. Find YOUR reasons. Take the time to do so. In order to tip the balance in favour of qutting sugar search your mind and body to add at least 5 or more to the reasons WHY you want to stop eating sugary foods. Tipping the reasons in your favour and reminding yourself of them every day for the next two weeks you will notice a remarked natural resistance to reaching for that chocolate bar! These could be - I want to be able to think clearer (refined sugar stunts our neural transmitters), better skin, lose weight, less emotional... keep going - fill up that list. By the end of the two weeks add another 5 more reasons. Put the list somewhere visible so that you can see it every day for a further 2 weeks. You can easily and effortlessly train your brain to be free of sugar addiction this way.
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