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Let’s be honest, seeing someone else succeed when we feel like we’re failing stings. It can bring up a whole lot of self doubt and insecurities. We all know this to be true, yet if you notice yourself falling victim to the comparison game again, try playing the compassion game instead. Realise that just as everyone has something going for them, every single person also has something going against them. They might be killing it in their career, but maybe that’s because they’ve gone through a tough break-up and last year are pouring their all into their career to not have to feel their heartbreak. Maybe they seem to have the perfect husband and children, but they’re struggling to stay afloat financially. You just never know. So, instead of feeling envious or jealous, learn to feel compassionate towards that person as they are most likely fighting a battle or endured hardship that you know nothing of. It’ll make you feel better and help you to stay focused on your own game. Plus, it‘ll likely also make you feel more grateful for all the things you have going for you!

What You'll Need

  • Awareness of your own thoughts and feelings.

What You'll Do

  • Next time you notice you’re comparing yourself to someone else, ask yourself: how is this helping or serving me? This allows your rational brain to take over and act more constructively.
  • Then, ask yourself how much you really know about this person? Do you know the (secret) battles they’re fighting? The struggles they’re facing? Everyone has them and realising this can turn things into perspective.
  • Finally, ask yourself what you’re grateful for in your life. What are you thankful for? What are the good things in your life? This helps you to move away from envy or jealousy, and focus more on what you have instead of what you feel you’re lacking.
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