Smoothies vs. Juices: Pros + Cons

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The difference between smoothies and juices is in a smoothie, you blend the whole fruit or veggie so you're consuming all the soluble and insoluble fibres; whereas in a juice, you're extracting the insoluble fibre and left with only the liquid and soluble fibre. The insoluble fibre in smoothies helps keep you fuller for longer, maintaining blood-sugar levels so your energy levels stay even. Without this insoluble fibre in juices, you're more likely to spike your blood-sugar levels, leading to food cravings and energy dips later.

What You'll Need

  • Smoothie: A blender.
  • Juice: A juicer.

What You'll Do

  • - Includes fibre, keeps you fuller for longer, maintains blood-sugar levels.
  • - Efficient way to increase daily fruit + veggie intake in one hit.
  • - Pimp your smoothie with superfoods/ green powders/ protein powders to increase its nutritional content.
  • - Not recommended for hypothyroid conditions/ low thyroid function as raw cruciferous veggies are goitrogenic (reduce thyroid function).
  • - Potential to overeat if drinking smoothie with a meal, instead of as a meal.
  • - Big nutritional hit in one serving, way more nutrients in a glass of juice than you could eat.
  • - Good for therapeutic use when needing high amounts of antioxidants.
  • - Easily absorbed, helpful when there's gut lining dysfunction affecting absorption.
  • - No insoluble fibre, leading to blood-sugar spikes and energy crashes later.

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