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The Chinese believe that illness and disease starts from the gut! In the case of indigestion I couldn't agree more. If your stomach is over producing acid surely we should look at what's been put in there to make this happen? To make it easy for you here's a small list of items which regularly cause indigestion, so avoid them for as long as possible when suffering, and try to have small quantities, if you are susceptible: 1) Cheese 2) Pastry 3) Butter 4) Fatty meats 5) Chillies 6) Fried food 7) Alcohol 8) Coffee 9) Cigarettes - the smoke and pollution along with hundreds of chemicals slowly eat away at your oesphageal lining causing that burning sensation! The weakened lining is more susceptible to the burning sensation of stomach acid. If you are suffering and you need something to help asap there are a number of natural remedies you can take! 1) Liquorice - long known for it's anti - acid properties. Eat liquorice regularly or just when you are suffering and relieve the burn. 2) Drink milk, this forms a temporary raft over the contents of the stomach helping to neutralise the acid and stop the acid from moving upwards. You may need to sip on it in small quantities and regularly to neutralise the fire. Yoghurt works well too, as a thicker consistency forms the raft a little sooner. If this doesn't do the trick and you need something to work fast, especially when nausea and vomiting sets in, a few of the least invasive western medications available include: 1) Andrews Salts - contains Magnesium sulphate, Sodium hydrogen carbonate & Citric acid. Andrews Salts have been around for over 50 years, and with their simple combination of acid neutralising salts they are effective for stomach upset, indigestion and constipation. This effervescent powder just needs to be added to water, as directed on the pack. Remember it is still a medication so if you are taking any other medication speak to your Pharmacist to ensure it is safe to consume. Do not take if pregnant! 2) Milk of Magnesia - contains Magnesium hydroxide, just one ingredient which can help with indigestion and constipation. Magnesium neutralises acid in the stomach and forms a raft to stop any excess acid rising. At the same time water content in the intestine increases causing the urge to pass a bowel motion. The inclusion of magnesium in both of these man made remedies provide a treatment for constipation. Again consult with a Pharmacist if you are taking any other medication and do not take if pregnant! So to summarise: Firstly look at your diet, for the long and short term because I can guarantee 95% of patients could control their symptoms if you just cut out the highly fatty foods. Some self control goes a long way! Second resort for a natural quick fix including keeping liquorice by your side and a pint of milk! Thirdly, Andrews Salts or Milk of Magnesia, both readily available in your local super market and sometimes even petrol stations! However if you are having to use these regularly or they have no affect, look at point 1) YOUR DIET! If you've tried all of these steps and are still struggling it sounds like it's time to see your GP, because remember I said 95% of patients could control their symptoms. There's still a chance your in the 5% group and need to be investigated further. Once you make dietary changes, the symptoms should resolve within a number of days (48 hours should do it). So if you are still really suffering get in with your GP and get checked out!

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