"Three Diamond Breath" Reiki Exercise

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I use this exercise with my clients and in group sessions. It is very soothing and powerful breathing Reiki (higher finer vibrational energy) into the mind, body, and soul. 
In Reiki, we have three main energy centres. The lower Tanden, Hara, connecting to Earth energy, it is three inches below the navel and is the centre of the body’s energetic powerhouse. The upper Tandem connecting to Heaven energy, it is located at the third eye and crown – it quietens the mind and opens our intuition. The middle Tandem (heart), connected to inner-heart energy, is rooted in the heart centre – it contains a sense of coming home and aligning to your truth.
This breathwork practice is with Reiki, and I recommend coming to a meditation class or 1:1 session of mine (Emerald and Tiger) to experience it in combination with the energy of Reiki. However, you can also try this practice at home, using your innate natural breath or if you are a Reiki practitioner go and connect to Reiki.”
If you at first find it difficult to breathe the way instructed, keep trying until you get, because you will! You can also visualise yourself breathing into these three points of the body.

What You'll Need

  • Let me know what you think if you try.
  • Great for Reiki practitioners to try too! If you used in your classes remember to share that we founded this exercise.

What You'll Do

  • Follow the instructions provided.
  • Breathe in through the nose and try to visualise bright white light pouring in through the soles of your feet and passing through the three energy points in a single breath or break down the breath it is one breath but takes in a little bit more at these three points, all the way to the crown of your head. Ensure that your breath is soft and even, filling every part of you with air.
  • Then exhale from the crown of your head, taking the breath through the body, back down to the soles of your feet.
  • Continue this way for at least 5 or 10 minutes and extend for longer when you feel ready too. Try it for 21 days and journal how you feel each day. It is a superb way of increasing your energy and bringing a vibrant flow into your mind, body, and spirit.

Tips & Warnings

  • *Intuitively created by Jasmin Harsono for Emerald and Tiger
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