How to deal with your anxiety according to an energy healer

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Have you ever noticed that when you feel stressed and over-worked, whether in your family/social life, or your professional day, it can often affect your stomach and digestion? Have you ever wondered why? This is because, digestion and the intestines are directly linked to the solar plexus, the nerve centre of your entire emotional balance and energetic equilibrium. The solar plexus, as seen from an energy healer's point of view, is your emotional brain. It is the communication centre with the entire universe; it is where you receive psychic or non-verbal communication from the world around you. Thought forms, other people's emotions, the atmosphere in the street or the supermarket - all come for filtering and analysis through the antennae that originate at our solar plexus. When there is an over-stimulation of information, a general feeling of anxiety or too much to absorb all at once, the energy creates a backlog of unprocessed emotion in the solar plexus, which then can lead on to digestive issues, and then to other physical symptoms, all because we are trying to process too much energetic information at once. The following tips will help ease the blockages of the solar plexus and free up the energy and circulation around that very crucial energetic area.

What You'll Need

  • Bach flowers: Impatiens is good for calming.
  • Place clear quartz or amethyst over your solar plexus for some crystal assistance for feelings of stress and anxiety.

What You'll Do

  • Before going to bed, gently massage the area around the solar plexus in an anti-clockwise direction, all the while transmitting calm and restful energy through your fingertips. Massage for a few minutes.
  • The sound of natural running water can actually trigger the proper functioning of the solar plexus. Spend some time by a stream or river and watch the water, allowing its emanations to ease your solar plexus.
  • 3 When walking through a crowded place or space where there is probably a lot of mixed energies, physically cover your solar plexus by placing your hand over the area. This will protect you from picking up other people's anxieties, when you have enough of your own.
  • 4 Protect the solar plexus from absorbing negative energy by imagining light emitting from that area, instead of leaving it open to receive any nasty energy tht is floating around.
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