Learning how to deal with your feelings of loneliness from an energy healing perspective

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Loneliness at times feels so tangible and so real that it can actually cause physical pain. But what if I were to tell you that loneliness is actually an illusion? Loneliness is really a state of mind, and as such can be resolved by altering your thinking, and expanding your consciousness. When you change your thinking, the emotions respond, and the physical action follows suit. It is a normal human desire to want companionship and intimacy with another human with whom to share experiences and thoughts, but sometimes this doesn't alleviate the feelings either. The proof being that you can feel lonely even when surrounded by people, in crowded places; even at a party, you can feel lonely - and this is because of a limited understanding and misguided expectation. The real remedy to loneliness lies in lifting your awareness and connecting to the whole universe. Yes! You are part of the whole universe! Every person, animal, plant and mineral! I know this is hard to grasp when looking through the eyes of loneliness, but once you start to shift your perspective, attitude and behaviour with just a few tips below, you will soon feel that you belong to something so much bigger than your personal circumstances, and you will begin to receive feedback and knowing that actually the whole world is with you. There is a lot you can do to diminish and eventually eradicate the vibration of loneliness from your life. The Good Morning exercise. For one week, try the following and I'm sure you will feel a difference at the end of the week.

What You'll Need

  • Bach flowers: Heather and Water Violet. Five drops of each mixed with water and put four drops under the tongue six times a day.
  • Crystals: Mookaite, Jasper and Rose Quartz help soothe the heart chakra and ease loneliness. Place over your heart.
  • Massage: Book a hot oil therapeutic Ayurvedic massage. Human touch can go a long way to alleviate the feelings of isolation.

What You'll Do

  • Whatever you're feeling, wake up and SMILE. Fake it, force it if you have to, but make your first action a smile.
  • Step out of bed with your RIGHT foot first. Right symbolically represents spirit, so this is a gesture that shows you have things in the correct order.
  • 3. Say out loud Thank You, and list five things you are grateful for - your bed, the warm blanket, your roof over your head, being alive - anything!
  • 4. When dressing, choose bright colours. this raises your aura and draws people to you.
  • 5. When you rise, on your way to work, starting the day, say Good Morning to everyone and everything you meet. Strangers at the bus stop, the neighbour's dog, the bush at the bottom of the road, everyone. No you're not crazy; these are all living breathing creatures and even though they probably won't be sharing your life, they will start to shift the thoughts and emotions around lob=neliness.
  • 6. At work or wherever you are during your day, be the first one to say good morning or hello; Don't wait for someone to come to you. Smile and send a kind thought to someone else first. Watch as the energy of loneliness starts to dissipate.
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