Understanding your heartbreak from an energy healing perspective

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I know, I know, you feel terrible , your heart is broken, he/she is no longer in your life, and there's only the sad songs and the random odd sock behind the radiator to remind you that you once had love in your life. But honestly, truly do not despair. For from an energy/spiritual perspective, there is never cause for heartbreak, only for deeper, better understanding, growth and evolution. It all comes down to a question of KARMA. A much-used word, a little-understood concept. In the world of energy healing, relationships, love, attraction, in fact life itself as a whole are understood and explained very differently from the 'norm', that is in terms of your KARMA. Simply stated, your karma is the accumulation of debts from previous lives that you must settle in this life. So, yes, it presupposes an acceptance of reincarnation, but believe me this will all help with your heartbreak. Because many relationships are karmic, which means there is growth and evolution hidden as a gift inside them. So if you are heartbroken after a relationship has ended or during a relationship because it's not quite working out, instead of allowing the emotions to drown you, use some of the tips below for easing the physical and emotional side effects. Then once the initial shock is over, the biggest key is to search - and to have an energy healer help you find - the karmic resolution and soul growth behind your discomfort. It's not for nothing, and the lessons you learn will make you stronger and more whole for your next adventure.

What You'll Need

  • Bach flower essences: Rescue remedy
  • Crystals: Rose quartz
  • Bach flower essences: honeysuckle
  • Bach flower essences: white chestnut

What You'll Do

  • Bach flowers: Rescue Remedy (for the shock), White Chestnut (to calm the thoughts), Holly (if there is anger or resentment). Honeysuckle (for repeated thoughts) Add 5 drops of each to a 30 ml bottle and drop 4 drops 6 times a day under your tongue.
  • Crystals: Rose quartz is the big heart chakra healer. Lie with it places over your heart to feel the love vibrtions
  • 3. Ease the turbulent emotions by calming the mind. Meditation is important at a time like this. Take your thoughts very high and ask for a higher perspective, to be shown the karmic dynamics behind your relationship and it's break-up. It could even be for a good reason that you are no longer together.
  • 4 The mind tends to replay over the past after a relationship has ended. This is normal but not helpful, and our memory often colours things with rose-tinted glasses. Again use honeysuckle Bach flower essence, and meditation is important to keep the thoughts in alignment.
  • 5. A simple morning ritual for focusing the thoughts and calming the emotions: Drink a glass of very hot water first thing in the morning. Just water, very hot, this helps increase blood flow and alleviate stagnant energies. Light a candle and sit for 10-15 minutes focusing on the flame, imagining its light and warmth filling your heart space.
  • 6 Be gentle with yourself, dont push yourself to 'get over it'. Rememberthis is a time for lessons to be revealed.
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