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Metal energy is all about how we deal with impermanence, change, and making decisions. In balance, we effortlessly flow with change, absorb what is good, let go of what is no longer serving, and make space for the new. In balance, we have a healthy capacity to let go of the past, anchored in an honouring of self-worth, and an innate trust in the abundant flow of life. Thus, we can be open to participate fully in the present, form new bonds without inhibition or fear, and trust the wisdom of life. Out of balance, we may feel stuck, bored, sad, stubborn, and indecisive. An imbalance can manifest through not acknowledging our true worth and seeing value as a function we do rather than who we innately are. As a result of not feeling our own value, there is often a seeking of external value. Thus, becoming overly attached to material things and/or people, and the sense of worth we derive through them. Often there is an underlying feeling of unworthiness of love and seeking of approval from others. If you are looking to be more present, independent, and decisive then the following balancing activities, yoga poses, and foods are recommended.

What You'll Need

  • Yoga Mat

What You'll Do

  • Balancing Activities: Spiritual practices that invite us to increase awareness and consciousness such as meditation, mindful yoga, tai chi, dance and other forms of mindful movement.
  • Yoga Poses: neck rolls, seated cat/ cow, downward facing dog, puppy dog pose, camel pose, fish pose, pigeon pose.

Tips & Warnings

  • Foods to Include: Garlic, onion, root vegetables (radish, parsnips, turnips, carrots), shiitake mushrooms, leeks, whole grains, warming spices (ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon), kuzu, slippery elm. To Avoid: Dairy, yeast, bread, flour products, pasta, excessive red meat, refined foods and preservatives.
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