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When we worry we can get very anxious FAST! And when we allow our thoughts and perceptions to go into over drive, you will find that these thoughts have suddenly turned into worrying about the symptoms your body is experiencing. These thoughts become so negative that you become breathless, sweaty and shaky. Now you are having a panic attack. These can be stopped by paying attention to breathing and accepting that you started all this by NOT focusing on the here and now but on yesterday and tomorrow...regretting the past and projecting tomorrows outcomes. Thoughts then go to the body and a cycle of self consciousness, shames, fear, fear of dizziness and collapse, terror of heart attack due to your heart pounding, and with most panic attack victims think they are going to faint and even DIE. Well good news!! No one has ever died of a panic attack.

What You'll Need

  • Breathing!

What You'll Do

  • SO...Just sit.
  • Focus your attention of the breathing down to the diaphragm.
  • Any thoughts going back to the body just accept as ok, but nothing bad is going to happen.
  • Then return to focusing on the breathing out of your mouth, in through your nostrils. Shut your eyes and frame in your mind a HUGE colour picture or photograph of your favourite scene, happy with you in it.
  • Within 10 minutes you will recover. Just remember PANIC is caused by focusing on the horrible ever increasing bodily symptoms, that started as light butterflies when you were worrying about a work meeting, a date or why you didn't answer question 6 correctly in your exam yesterday. But this then alerts to the body thinking you are going to collapse. Stay in the now. Its as old as the hills in both ancient philosophy and in early times of Buddha and Christ and no doubt in most religious and philosophical texts. Breath. Focus. Frames. Breath. Have compassion for your self. Breath and dismiss your bodily symptoms as something YOU have control over by accepting them and then letting them go by realising you created them by allowing your thinking to get out of hand.

Tips & Warnings

  • Nip your thoughts in the bud as soon as you are thinking about tomorrow or regretting yesterday. Focus. Attention to the power of the here and now. If the panic continues, keep checking if your thinking is about your bodily nerves and jitters. if so do above again and again.
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