How to take a hold of emotional eating habits

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Emotional eating can be dangerous in that not only can it cause weight gain and more seriously diabetes, the mental and emotional health effects can leave a person feeling defeated. Without changing these destructive and repetitive bad habits, one is unlikely to learn how to deal with their stresses and anxieties in a constructive and healthy way. Therefore, the bad habits and behaviour continue. Here are some tips to help you learn how to control your emotional eating habits and change your eating patterns for good.

What You'll Need

  • A diary
  • Someone who can trust and reach out to at any time
  • Stock your kitchen with healthy foods and snacks

What You'll Do

  • Keep a food diary: Ask yourself – What am I feeling? (sad, mad, lonely?); What type of food am I reaching for? (salty, sweet, comfort?); What’s going on in my life right now that’s leading to this emotion? (grief, heartbreak, loss of a job?)
  • Reach out to someone your trust: For example, if you reach for cookies every night before you have a presentation the next morning, call a friend or loved one instead. Talk it out.
  • Ask yourself: Are you feeding your body or are you feeding your emotions? Make a distinction between the two. Instead of feeding stress, nourish your body.
  • Change your self-talk: You can be your own worst enemy or your very best friend. The language in which you speak to yourself has a massive impact on how you deal with the situation. Give yourself positive reinforcements.

Tips & Warnings

  • Seek the advice of a nutritional therapist or dietitian for more information on diet.
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